The Truth About Tires! What You Need To Know.

December 9, 2016
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Over 300,000,000 scrap tires are generated annually in our Country. Around 80% of those tires get properly disposed of, either by recycling or re-use. However, millions of tires are still dumped and stockpiled illegally.

Illegally stockpiled tires are not only an eyesore, they can actually be breeding grounds for mosquitos and rodents. Even worse, they can create fires that are extremely hard to put out due to rubbers high heat threshold.

So, if you’ve got some old tires laying around, what are you to do?

First of all, try to find them a good home. If your old tires still have some life left in them, try posting them on Craigslist for sale. If your tires have seen better days and they are no longer road worthy, then call us!

EarthWise Hauling not only offers Eco-Friendly removal and disposal of household goods, we also remove and dispose of tires. We recycle all the tires we remove! Because we get charged a fee for recycling tires, we in turn have to charge you a fee for removing your tires. However, OUR FEE IS CHEAPER THAN MOST LANDFILLS AND TRANSFER STATIONS.

Tires will continue to be an environmental issue as long as we drive cars! But, we call can make the right choices that contribute to a better planet. Just think! Your old tires that have been laying around in your backyard could be used to make a childrens playground at a nearby park. Better that than rotting in a landfill for the next 50 years! So, if you’ve got tires that need to be retired, call EarthWise Hauling, Eco-Friendly Junk… and tire Removal.

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