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Looking for junk removal services in Irvine, California?

EarthWise Hauling is a professional  junk removal company serving the vibrant city of Irvine, California. With our commitment to sustainability and efficient service, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

As a customer-focused company, EarthWise Hauling aims to simplify the process of junk removal while promoting eco-friendly practices. We are proud to offer our full line of services to residents and businesses in the city of Irvine, California.

These services include:


Junk Removal pricing is 100% transparent.

It’s based on a simple and fair volume system. You only pay for how much space your junk takes up in one of our trucks. Our truck can hold an industry standard 15 cubic yards of junk, trash or debris. Our interactive pricing widget below can help you estimate how much junk you have so you can understand the way we price long before our uniformed team arrives.

Good news, our pricing already includes all taxes and disposal fees!

Being a family owned small business means we can offer prices that are about 30% lower than national junk removal companies! Don’t believe us? CLICK HERE to see the astronomical price difference!

What Makes EarthWise Hauling Different?

One of the key aspects that sets EarthWise Hauling apart from other junk removal services is our dedication to environmental sustainability.

We prioritize recycling and proper disposal methods, ensuring that the waste we collect has minimal impact on the planet. Our company adheres to strict recycling guidelines, diverting material from landfills.

The convenience provided by EarthWise Hauling is another reason why we have become the go-to choice for junk removal in Irvine. Our efficient and hassle-free process makes it easy for customers to get rid of unwanted items without any stress.

Whether it's old furniture, appliances, construction debris, or general clutter, EarthWise Hauling handles it all. All you have to do is schedule an appointment, and our professional team will take care of the rest!

All major credit cards are accepted.


Irvine Client Testimonials

"Cleared out a 2 bedroom and living room apartment loft in Irvine! They are super fast and efficient. Will recommend to all of my military buddies that are always on the move and or just want to get rid of excess furniture!

I underestimated the room on their truck for all of my furniture and was worried they wouldn't be able to take everything, boy was I dead wrong."

Jeremy M - Irvine, CA

"Super convenient hauling company. I wanted a refrigerator hauled from a rental property I manage in Irvine over the weekend. I put in a request Saturday night and they were there Sunday morning to pick it up. Loved the response time and the fact that they texted me to get everything set up. It was a great experience and I will use again if we need this kind of service."

Kim L - Irvine, CA

"Yup, another 5-star review. Truly deserved. Filled their online form late Friday, received a call that night requesting photos. Texted them a link to a google.photos album. Heard from them again the next day, scheduled the appointment for Thursday.

Cody and Jared were terrific about breaking things down (ex: particle-board bookshelves became planks) and packing the truck VERY efficiently."

B D - Irvine, CA

"It started with great communication via email and texting. Then I sent a photo of my stuff and was given a reasonable quote. Next, I booked for a few days later. When there was an earlier opening, they offered it. And the guys quickly whisked away all my goods in a short time frame. This company made it so easy!

I chose EarthWise because of their company ethics of trying not to add to our landfills. Highly recommend!"

Marianne W - Irvine, CA

"Fast, quick, and efficient.  Scheduling was a breeze and after the haulers removed the items I had requested, they asked if I had any additional items to remove as I overestimated.    

Also, EarthWise will either repurpose, recycle, or donate the items which is an added benefit knowing it won't take up space in a landfill."

Peter C - Irvine, CA

"We used EarthWise Hauling for a junk hauling job when we moved out of our old house in Irvine, and then used them again for a good size concrete demolition job at our new home in Mission Viejo. Both jobs were exceptional, they showed up on time, and completed both jobs timely."

David B - Mission Viejo, CA

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