Why Choose Full Service Junk Removal?

December 11, 2016

As a consumer you have many options for getting rid of your unwanted goods. You might be wondering why choosing a full service junk removal company is the best option for you. The truth is, a full service junk removal company is more often than not the best choice for ridding yourself of junk. Here are a few reasons why using a full service junk removal company can make your life easier:

    1. All the sorting is done for you. That’s right! You just point to what you want removed and we get the honor of sorting through your stuff and taking it to the proper disposal facility. This is especially beneficial to you if you have a variety of junk. Let’s say you have an old TV, a broken washer machine, some bags of old clothes, and a couch. You could toss the clothes and the couch into a rented dumpster, but you can’t put E-Waste or appliances in a dumpster, so you would still have to take those items somewhere else. With a full service junk removal company, we can haul away all the above mentioned items in one truckload, and then separate the different materials on our own time to ensure they get disposed of properly. Not to mention it would be cheaper than renting that dumpster!
    2. We do all the loading, lifting, and clean-up! Don’t you have better things to be doing other than breaking your back hauling junk to the local dump in your friends pick-up?? Of course you do! Let us do all the heavy lifting. After all, we are trained professionals.
    3. We can mail you a tax-deductible receipt! After we donate any items that are in good condition, we can mail you the receipt. That way, you can write off the value of the items that we hauled. Is that sweet or what?!?!

As you can see, full service junk removal is the way to go! Our next post will get into how and why EarthWise Hauling offers the most Eco-Friendly full service junk removal in Orange County. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!