Spa Removal and Hauling

Orange County's Efficient & Eco-Friendly Spa and Hot Tub Removal by EarthWise

Are you looking to reclaim your backyard space by removing that old, unused spa or hot tub?

EarthWise Hauling is your solution! We specialize in eco-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free spa and hot tub removal services, designed to make the process seamless for you.

Here's why choosing EarthWise Hauling is the best decision for your backyard transformation:

  1. Full service spa removal means our team does all the heavy lifting for you!
    1. That's a good thing since the average hot tub can weigh around 1100 lbs!
  2. We will safely and professionally remove any size spa or hot tub from your property.
  3. We believe in fair and transparent pricing.
    1. Before the removal process begins, we provide a clear and detailed estimate.
    2. This means, you won't encounter any surprise fees or hidden costs.
Please call or email us to get a free quote for the removal of your spa or hot tub!

Spa Removal Reviews from Your Orange County Neighbors

"EarthWise came and removed our old spa. They demo'd the frame and spa in about an hour in damp and sprinkling weather.

They were very professional and clean! Would definitely use them again! Thanks, EarthWise!"

Anne H - Santa Ana, CA (Yelp Review)

"I had an old, inoperable spa that needed to be removed. An EarthWise crew took care of it in under an hour an a half.

They were pleasant, cleaned up afterwards, and the entire process was seamless. Joe was upfront with pricing, and the appointment was easy to make."

Kevin M - Anaheim, CA (Yelp Review)

"Used them this last Friday to haul away a 2003 7'7" x 7"7" spa. Big, very heavy and old. It took them awhile to get it out of our yard and onto their truck, but they did not give up!

They did a great job. I would absolutely recommend them for any type of hauling or junk removal needs you might have."

Chris T - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Yelp Review)

"We had a massive spa connected to gas and electrical and a garage full of construction materials from our home remodel with other junk that we wanted removed. Our haul required two truckloads but was still very reasonably priced considering the volume of stuff.

We definitely recommend supporting this great, local business."

Karthika M - Placentia, CA (Yelp Review)

    Safety Assurance

    Spa and hot tub removal can involve heavy lifting, intricate dismantling, and potential electrical and plumbing challenges.

    EarthWise Hauling takes all necessary safety precautions to ensure that the removal process is conducted without any risk to you, your property, or our team.

    Trust the professionals to safely remove of your spa or hot tub!


    Reclaim Your Space Outside Your Home

    Removing an old spa or hot tub can instantly transform your backyard, giving you space for a new outdoor living area, landscaping, or whatever else you have in mind. EarthWise Hauling ensures that the removal process is swift, allowing you to enjoy your revamped outdoor space sooner.

    Remember, we are removal professionals, not the guy down the street with a pick-up truck!

    EarthWise Service Area

    We serve all of Orange County, California and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County for spa removal/hot tub removal.

    EarthWise Service Area Map

    How is EarthWise Hauling Eco-Friendly?

    We have not dumped at a landfill in over 10 years!

    We recycle up to 100% of your junk! We accomplish this by hand sorting your unwanted goods in our warehouse facility. We then take various types of materials to the proper recycling facilities and donation centers. In fact, we even have our own EarthWise Online Second-Hand Store! This enables us to repurpose tons of “junk” that would’ve otherwise not have been able to see new life.

    What About Our Trucks?

    What good is recycling when the truck that’s doing it is pumping out pollutants all day? That’s what we thought too!

    As of March 2015 we switched over to Natural Gas powered trucks. We are the only junk removal service in California with clean burning CNG trucks. This is just another way we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, even as we drive between customers and recycling centers.

    Over the last 10 years, EarthWise Hauling has diverted over 10,000,000 lbs of waste from Orange County landfills!