Small Businesses Support Your Local Community

February 19, 2019
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If you ever feel torn about giving your money to a large corporation, there is a simple solution: work with small businesses! By giving a local small business a try, you end up supporting your community in a number of ways. For one, spending your money with a small business often will keep the money within your community. Small, local business owners are more likely to form partnerships with other local businesses, join the rotary club, sponsor the local soccer team and the school districts, and will make a point to give back to the community – after all, they likely live there too. Not to mention, a high percentage of small companies are family owned and operated, often have higher values and better customer service because they are essentially catering to their neighbors, and they help create jobs within your community. By giving your business to a company who truly needs and appreciates it, you support your local neighborhood and can feel good about where your hard-earned money is going. EarthWise Hauling appreciates every customer and hopes to continue to be one of the top-rated small businesses in Orange County!  

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