Hoarding problems? How can EarthWise help YOU?

December 16, 2016

Hoarding is a real problem. One that many feel they have to face alone. However, hoarding is a serious issue that can rarely be handled without professional help. Let’s get one thing straight. Hoarding is not the same as being a pack rat. Lot’s of folks like to collect stuff. Maybe some a little more than others. Hoarding, however is something entirely different. It is compulsive and addictive. Hoarders generally collect possesions to the point that it can seriously affect the quality of life for them and the people around them.\r\rThe good news is that there is help! EarthWise Hauling and Junk Removal has helped many people in similar situations. EarthWise can help eliminate all the unwanted junk and even provide carpet removal and cleaning services in cases where it may be needed. Our team is compasionate, caring, and experianced with these types of situations. During a clean-out we will set aside things that look important, such as pictures, money, jewelry and documents. We will also dispose of your belongings in the most eco-friendly way possible, never going to landfills.\r\rIf you or someone you know is dealing with this serious issue, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and see how we can help!