Got Dirt? No problem!

November 7, 2019
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Removing dirt is not so easy. It requires a lot of labor and the right equipment to haul it away. For the Earthwise Crew its no biggie. We are use to big jobs. We’ve hauled almost Half a million pounds of dirt altogether!

We can carry about 8 cubic yards of dirt in our trailers due to its weight. We charge by cubic yard and we will give you a discount if the dirt is clean and free of trash, roots, etc.

The Discounted rate is $150 per loose cubic yard. After we’ve removed the dirt we will happily sweep the area and make it look real nice.

After each haul we take the dirt to various facilities to get Re-purposed! Earthwise Hauling likes to emphasize on how much we like to Recycle and Reuse junk that we’ve hauled away in Orange County. Hopefully we get to branch out to other cities to spread the idea that Junk can be Recycled.