Eco-Friendly Ways to Heat Your Home

The colder months are upon us, and now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s important to keep your home warm! However, how do you make your heating more eco-friendly? Although Southern California has more mild winters in comparison to other areas of the United States, it still gets cold, and it’s still a necessity to keep your house warm. Similar to air conditioning, there are a number of ways in which you can heat your home while remaining environmentally conscious.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Heat Your Home

  1. Geothermal Heating: Out of all the methods of heating, Energy Star recommends geothermal heating. It is considered to be the most environmentally friendly and efficient way to heat your home. As its name implies, geothermal heating utilizes the heat from the earth (which is located just a few feet beneath the ground surface). Although this method requires a large upfront investment, it pays off in the long run, saving on environmental impact and monthly electric bills. For more information, you can visit the EPA website.
  2. Add insulation to your home: Simply upgrading your insulation can help with the heat in your home. An easy eco-friendly option, insulation prevents heat from escaping through cracks, windows, doors, and more. In actuality, it may be one of the first things to consider!
  3. Thermal Shades: Similar to insulation, thermal shades will help retain heat in the home as well as prevent heat from escaping through windows. For more information about thermal shades, you can visit this guide on Mother Earth News.
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    Thermal Shades

  4. Pellet Stoves: If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, pellet stoves are a great way to go. Although they are similar to wood stoves, there is a major difference. These types of stoves use pellets from renewable resources such as sawdust and switchgrass. A single pellet stove can heat up to 1,500 square feet. Another plus is that the pellets can cost as little as $600 for the season. That is definitely a plus since that is less than the cost of firewood (which is facing unprecedented cost increases).
  5. Solar Heating: One of the most energy-efficient options, solar heating also is a larger investment that pays off in the long run. There are a number of different types of solar heating (active and passive) that you can install in your home such as active indirect-circulation, active direct-circulation, and passive solar water heaters. For more information, you can visit this article on Northern Lights Solar Solutions.
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  6. Heat Pumps: According to Natural Living Ideas, heat pumps are “best described as a reverse refrigerator, they take heat from the air, water or ground, air, and utilize an electric pump to boost it to the right temperature for keeping your house warm, and potentially for heating the water.” Heat pumps are a more economical option upfront in comparison to methods such as geothermal heating and solar.
  7. Masonry Heaters: Unique from traditional fireplaces and pellet stoves, a masonry heater traps heat within its bricks and smoke chambers. Due to this, it can provide heat consistently for up to 24 hours, and tends to expel higher temperatures than other options. On the downside, they still burn wood. However, masonry heaters burn wood slower and require fewer supplies. They also take up less space. For more information on masonry heaters, you can check out the Masonry Heater Association.
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Masonry Heater

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to heating your home in a more eco-friendly way, this list is a great place to check out your options. With the winter fast approaching, stay warm!

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