E-Bikes! Helping the Environment and Keeping You Healthy!

Global warming is a serious issue affecting the environment worldwide, primarily due to the excessive consumption of fossil fuels for transportation, which accounts for a large portion of global carbon emissions. As a result, many environmentally aware people are looking for sustainable alternatives to replace fossil fuels.

Enter electric bikes

They have shown great promise as an Eco-Friendly transport solution. Plus, they are affordable and portable! They also cost a lot less than cars. The purchase cost of a fossil fuel-based vehicle is just one of many expenses. As soon as you buy a car, insurance fees, daily fuel expenses, and routine maintenance costs soon start to pile up.

By comparison, e-bikes are significantly cheaper and you don’t have to worry about any other running costs. By the time you reach 12 months of use, the bike will have paid for itself. On top of the financial benefits, folding electric bikes are portable, easier to store, and require barely any space. Yet, the biggest advantage of electric bikes is that they allow you to significantly reduce your fossil fuel consumption. By owning an e-bike, you can minimize greenhouse gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint.

True, electric bikes need to be charged regularly but depending on the make and model, you can get between 30 – 100 miles per charge. Also, you don’t have to wait hours to get your bike fully charged, either. Thanks to rapid advancements in battery technology, you can get faster-charging speeds nowadays.

Large cities attract lots of people in search of fresh opportunities. As the population increases, so do the number of vehicles on the road. This leads to traffic congestion, stretching the time it takes for you to reach your destination. Heavy traffic also increases the use of fossil fuels as cars have to keep moving at much slower speeds and for a longer time. This results in more emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), which pollutes the air and harms our health.

More than just good for the environment!

Speaking of health, not only are E-bikes a more sustainable option for our environment, but they also help you adopt a healthy lifestyle despite a sedentary routine. By owning an e-bike you can mitigate the side effects of a deskbound lifestyle. Electric bikes allow you to travel long distances, ensuring that you build endurance and give your muscles a steady workout. Other health benefits of riding an e-bike include better cardiac health, lower stress levels, increased metabolism, better core muscle strength, improved coordination and increased blood flow.

The pedal-assist feature on bikes allows you to set the level of assistance from the electric bike motor, so you can get a good workout even while using the throttle.

All age groups can easily use an electric bike, even the elderly. If you want to stay active in your golden years you can hop on a three-wheel bike where the moving speeds are relatively easy to control. You can also restrict the speed limit, a feature that comes in handy both for elderly folks and children. There really is an E-bike for everyone!

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Happy Trails!