Diaper cakes are very popular and with good reason.

Diaper cakes are very popular and with good reason. Did you know that a newborn baby could use 10 to 12 diapers a day or more! Diapers are a gift that is often overlooked but very much needed. Two ladies that I work with are expecting which got me thinking maybe you would like to use these Free Diaper Cake Instructions.

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DIY diaper cakes make great gifts, the gift that keeps on giving.. You can fill the center of the cake with some smaller items (see below) and as mom uses the diapers she will discover more gifts!

Make a diaper cake as acenterpiece for the baby showergift table.

Well to start here is a list of items that I used to make my diaper cake. I got all of my supplies for around $30.

      • 70 + diapers


      • Rubberbands


      • Yarn (can use large rubberbands or string instead)


      • 1 1/2 inch decorative ribbon


      • 1 inch decorative ribbon


      • 3 different sized cake pans (can use bowls, pots & pans, whatever you have on hand)


      • Small toy


      • Bottle of baby shampoo


      • Bottle of baby wash


      • Curling ribbon


      • Round cardboard cake tray

For the bottom tier I used 38 diapers. Put either the baby shampoo or wash in the center of the largest pan. Start rolling the diaper beginning at the waist band and secure with a rubber band. Don't make it too tight, we don't want to damage the diaper.

Arrange the rolled diapers in the pan surrounding the baby shampoo/wash. This is the part that I referred to as the gift that keeps giving. (You could use a wooden dowel or a used paper towel holder instead of the shampoo).

Secure the diapers with some yarn. Don't worry, we will be covering up both the rubberbands and the yarn later.

Now carefully remove from the pan. Your bottom layer is complete!

Place this layer on the round cardboard cake holder.

Now repeat the steps above to make your middle layer (22 diapers). I put the 2nd baby shampoo/wash in the center of the pan again so the layer would set centered on the bottom layer. Now we have 2 layers complete.

Next I attached the two layers by stacking them on top of each other.

For the top layer I just filled the smallest pan with 14 diapers, not too tight so you can center over the 2nd layer. Then add the top layer to the rest of the diaper cake. At this point I used a small stuffed animal for my topper and using some curling ribbon tied around the top of the baby shampoo/wash.

You're almost done !

Measure both the 1 1/2 inch and 1 inch ribbon around the diameter for each layer and cut. There should be 3 pieces of each width. Using a hot glue gun wrap the 1 1/2 inch ribbon around each layer and glue only where the ribbon overlaps. We don't want to damage the diapers!

Now center the 1 inch ribbon over the ribbon you just glued and hot glue every couple of inches to secure it.

Add some curling ribbon to the top and you're finished!

There are many other variations you can do. The sky's the limit. You are only limited by your imagination.

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