Heating And Cooling Systems

Your home's heating and cooling system consists of various components that can be quite costly to repair. Costs will vary depending on which part is broken, but homeowners can expect to pay at least $150 for basic repair work and up to a couple thousand dollars for comprehensive services, like replacing coils.

Washer and Dryer Unit

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The costs required to fix a faulty washer or dryer depend on the extent of the problem. While some services, like fixing a broken seal, can be inexpensive, major issues, like replacing a faulty motor, are pricier. You will have to pay for the hours of manual labor, as well as a replacement motor, which alone can cost more than $300.


The refrigerator is an important asset to your home, and it can cost upwards of $500 to repair your refrigerator if the problem is compressor-related. The compressor, which keeps items cool, is difficult to repair and typically needs to be completely replaced. If you own a premium brand name model, the cost could be higher.


As a rule of thumb for your dishwasher and other major appliances, repairs should never cost more than 50% of the original purchase price if bought new. With that in mind, your repairs will vary based on your model. Most repairs for the average dishwasher will cost at least $100, in addition to the cost of labor.

Given the naturally high costs of appliance repair, it's wise to purchase a comprehensive home or appliance warranty. Here at Colonial Home Warranty, we offer homeowners different types of home warranty packages. To learn which package might be right for you, visit our website or call (888) 481-3941 today.

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