Fit Family Friday

During these long summer months when the kids don't have school, it's so easy for them to get sucked into doing nothing but watching TV and playing video games all day. As busy moms, trying to figure out ways to keep the kids active and connect with them can be a challenge at times. So here are a few (free) ideas to keep them moving, and maybe get some bonding time in as well!

1. Unplug the TV and Video Game Console

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If they CANNOT be wrapped up in media, they HAVE to find something else to do or risk being "bored" (which, on our house, is a word that will get extra chores assigned faster than just about anything else).

2. Have a "splash day" with your kids

Take your kids to a pool! Or heck! You've got vehicles to wash, right? Have the kids help (or even do I themselves if their old enough), and don't be stingy about the water. You could even pull out some water guns or balloons and have a grand old time! Don't be afraid to let out your inner child. It is a great stress reliever to let yourself just play.

Or if you don't want to wash your car, that's fine too! Just pull out the hose and sprinklers and let the kids let loose!

3. Have the kids help you with yard work.

I remember even as a little kid, getting assigned yard work. Sometimes it was as simple as picking up sticks so my brother could mow. Other times it was on my hands and knees next to mom weeding the flower bed. Now, we have a minifarm with goats and chickens and pigs and rabbits. So there are always pens to clean and animals to feed and water.

4. Go for a family bike ride or a hike

You don't have a bike? That's okay! You still have feet, right? Take your family to a local park and just ride or walk together. While you're there, you may as well have a picnic too!

It is so important, not just to their physical health, but to their emotional and mental health as well, that kids stay active and connected to the real people in their lives! Make the time to cultivate a healthy environment for your family. Teach and learn healthy habits! Don't miss the opportunities that you have to love your family right now.

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