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Make a style statement

If you're looking for a fun hairstyle, then maybe you should give the hair buns a try. Be it a night out or a casual outing, buns are a sure fire way to give your hair that stylish look. You might think that creating a bun is a daunting task, but in reality it's the opposite. You can make use of a variety of homemade accessories to give your hair bun the fullness and support it needs.

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Simple do-at-home solutions to make a style statement:

Creating a bun that is secure as well as full might be a little hassle if you have fine hair. Given below are some simple solutions to give your bun a better lift and to provide additional support. These common solutions for creating hot buns are pretty inexpensive and can be done by yourself.

To get a sleek look to the hair around your face, pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it using an elastic holder. Slide the ponytail through the hole in the center using a mesh style pot scrubber. Cover the pot scrubber by spreading the hair from your ponytail and to hold the hair securely, use an additional elastic band. If you're looking for a clean and elegant look, use bobby pins to neatly pin the ends of your hair under the hair bun or if you prefer a more casual look, just let the lose hair lie free.

Get that stylish look

You can also get the same fullness effect by using a sock. To pull hair away from your face, pull your hair into a ponytail. Cut a small hole at the end of the sock for the ponytail hair to slide through and roll the sock from the open end to the toe end.

You can also use chopsticks to make casual hair buns. Pull hair into a ponytail and place a chopstick beneath the hair. Wrap hair around the chopstick until it's tight by a twisting motion and then, slide the end of the chopstick through the bun at an angle to secure it. Secure the hair bun from the opposite angle by using another chopstick.

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