Blushed by a 90 year old woman...

She also said to me that I can do whatever I want to do if i have a real honest purpose behind my actions.

After that I felt so honored to be talking with her, and listening to what she had to say. She paused for a second while her friend looked at her so proud of her wisdom and I don't blame her. Right after she paused she asked me "Are You Married?" There you go her contagious laugh again . I said "I am not married, but I have a lovely beautiful girlfriend." She replied "She is certainly a lucky girl"

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I was blushed by an 90 year old woman!

but that is NOT the point that I want to make! Let's stay focused on the important message of this real story.

Back to her secret!

There is NO secret! Remember? She said that she remain active (taking action), she do what she loves and focus on it, she stays positive minded, and live her life. The same can be applied to any business. There is no secret to be successful, and there is no short-cuts. You just need to decide JUST DECIDE to be SUCCESSFUL and you will be! You need to remain in constant action to build momentum (something that I have learned the hard way). The reason why you should do what you love is because when you start encountering some challenges you won't quit! Why quitting something that you love so much? But trust me if you don't love what you domost likely you are going to quit or be miserable.

All the time at work co-workers tell me how much they hate their job, and when I asked them "So.. what are you doing to change that?" They don't know what to say or they start making excuses of all kinds. You know why? Because they are scared to believe in themselves for real! They are scared to even start planning to quit their jobs, because they believe that a job is the most secure way to be financially stable. False! You can't have control of your life, if your financial stability is controlled by somebody else such as a company. It used to be the best wayyears and years ago but NOT today in 2011.

Yes, I have a job. But I also have a BIG FAT EXIT plan! Doing something that I love. I am learning new skills so I can achieve my goals, and I am sharing with you my first blogs that talk about positive mind-set not specific business. Why? Because you can't start a business with the wrong mind-set. Otherwise, you will be quitting before you even start.

Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to comment or ask questions. I actually wrote this story today in my 30 minutes lunch break. I decided it was more important to share it with you than to eat lunch! I appreciate you, and I want to see you succeed in life.

Let's Inspire Each Other!

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