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Don't stress. Seriously. I know it's easier said than done, but try to relax. It is something I've learned to do while in college during the semester. As a studio arts major taking three studios on top of other lecture classes, I know how it feels to be completely and totally overwhelmed. I'm a pretty organized person, which I admit comes in handy when you have a full plate, but even then, to see an agenda with an extravagant to do list can make your heart race.

Someone asked me yesterday, how they he'll do you stay so calm? Why are you not stressing out? How are you not pulling your hair our right now?! WellI just tell myself, 'Jamie, this will get done, it might not happen today due to other commitments, but it isn't worth a rising blood pressure. It will get done.' I know this sounds insane, but, take some "me time". I define "me time" as not doing anything, seriously, I just sit on my ass and do nothing. Maybe listen to music, take a cat nap, eat a sandwich, whatever your little heart desires, just put yourself in a good mood - a calm one, before digging in to something stressful. It makes a world of difference. Organizing your to do list to deadline specific days always helps me, too.

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I know there are a ton of articles about stress and how to keep calm and potentially not drive yourself crazy, but I know reading those articles don't always cater to college students taking 16 hours and trying to balance life in general but you can do it. Push through guys, and take some "me time." You deserve it.

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