Mama HA. That is the way you say the name of this yummy little treat that is the better cousin of Jell-O.

It's really not Jell-O whatsoever. On the off chance that you have a coconut tree right outside, then maja is new rich coconut thick little squares studded with nibs of sweet corn, which, BTW, is one of the harvests that the island of Cebu is known for. Delectably fitting.

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In the same way as other of the Filipino formulas from the Children's Shelter of Cebu that I'm imparting here, this was one of the more famous menu things at kids' birthday parties at the shelter all through the year. The aunts should truly cherish those kiddos on the grounds that they'd remained over a pot of gurgling coconut drain on the planet's most blazing kitchen as it thickened, and thickened, and thickened. Annnd thickened. When I viewed them make this, Auntie E would continue lifting the spoon out of the pot and flicking it back up to test the consistency of the maja as it trickled off the spoon. It was the sort of movement that could place you in a stupor: mix, flick. mix, flick. mix, flick.

I made this at the lodge with my family this June through August timeframe for our Filipino feast night which additionally happened to be my guardians' 25 wedding commemoration. My siblings and sister experienced childhood in the Philippines and inhabited CSC for a couple of years before joining our family, the first words out of my sibling's mouth when he bit into the maja: "You have no clue how great this is the point at which you haven't had it in five years."

On that same line of thought, I simply got an email from an onlooker yesterday that she has needed to cook Filipino sustenance for her children who we're received from the Philippines, however her children are so adolescent it would be impossible eloquent what sort of Filipino nourishment they like. She said that these formulas we're helping her children recollect and have the capacity to depict the sorts of Filipino sustenance they enjoyed in light of every last one of pictures, and I grinned like a numb-skull for whatever remains of the day.

These formulas have dependably been planned to fabricate scaffolds and open entryways, and witnessing that and even in my family is simply The Best.



    • 4 cups coconut milk (light or thinner coconut milk works best)


    • 3 ounces evaporated milk


    • 3 ounces sweetened condensed milk


    • cup sweet corn


    • 1 cups corn starch


    • 1 cup sugar



Blend all fixings and exchange to a huge pot. Bring the mixture to a low bubble over medium hotness, mixing ceaselessly, until the mixture starts to thicken and air pocket. Let the mixture stew for about 30 minutes.

At the point when the mixture sticks to the spoon and no more trickles, exchange to a 913 dish. (You may not have to oil the container.) Allow the mixture to come to room temperature. Chill in the fridge for no less than 30 minutes or until set. Cut into squares and serve cool or at room temperature.


The part sums are a bit strange, for instance, 3 ounces of vanished milk. I attempted to take precisely what the close relatives did and scale it down for the typical cook since the greater part of us don't cook for 30 children at once. Sad for the clumsy sums. Substitute normal drain when there's no other option!

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