My name's Mommy and I'm A Ninja!!

Having little boyswellits just a whole different ball game. They are nuts, wild, loud, dirty and 19 different kinds of crazy! (In a good way though, cause I tell you there is nothing as awesome as the love of a son). My boys are as boy as you can get. They never stop moving, they love heavy machinery, cars, planes and boats. They love to be superheros (Captain Underpants), spies and ninjas! And that's where I got them. Thats right, my kids think I'm a ninja!!

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Its true! My boys wholeheartedly believe that I am a ninja. I only use my FULL ninja skills when they are asleep. I jump from tree to tree, I leap from roof to roof and I walk across their ceiling at night, silently, to make sure they are safe. Its also how I know they are doing something wrong even when I can't see them, can tell they are lying to me and know when they are whispering to each other when they are supposed to be sleeping. Actually that last one is only half the ninja things. The other reason is because I also have them believing that I have invisible hidden cameras strategically placed throughout the house.

One night they we're supposed to be sleeping but they we're talking and giggling instead. I could hear them talking about girlfriends ! Asking if the other had one, asking if they'd kissed them. Then Michael said he touched a girls butt and I about flipped my lid!! See, what they didn't realize was their bedroom was right above mine and I could hear everything they we're saying. Furious because not only we're they supposed to be sleeping but they are not old enough to be talking about these things, I stomp upstairs and start drilling them and scolding them. I tell them I could hear them and asked if they had forgotten about my hidden cameras. I walked out of the room and closed the door but stood there and listened to see if they would keep talking or actually listen to me. Michael, very quietly, says I don't see any cameras. Coopers responds Theyre there Michael. They are invisible. LOL I didn't hear another peep out of them that night!!

We have powers mamas. We must use them!

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