5 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

  1. Turn off that Faucet!

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth in the morning. You can use this principle in many other areas as well, like when washing your car, or doing the dishes. Only have the faucet or hose running when you are using the water, and turn it off in between.

  1. Boil only what you need

When cooking, most people boil an excessive amount of water and drain it in the sink. To save water, try boiling only what you need or filling it slightly less than you normally would, and if you can, try steaming instead. Steaming needs less water compared to boiling.  Steaming also helps to retain the nutrients in the food, so it’s a win-win!

      3. Shower with less

Showering is the biggest way the average person wastes water. For a standard shower head, every minute wasted equates to 2.5 gallons of water. You can lessen that and save water (not to mention energy costs) while taking a shower by installing an efficient shower head and by making every minute in the shower count!

  1. Save up your dirty clothes

         Wait to wash those dirty clothes until that hamper is full! By putting in a full load of laundry instead of a partial load, you save water and energy. Average washers use about 15 to 30 gallons per load. So if you set a day for laundry and do 2 full loads of laundry per week instead of 4 half loads on any given day, you can save up to 3,120 gallons of water a year! Little changes make a big difference!

  1. Fix any and all water leaks in your home

A leaky faucet or pipe is literally dripping money all over the place. A little drip doesn’t seem so bad but when it drips three times a minute, that’s 20 times an hour or 480 times a day. That’s 175,200 drips per year, which is equivalent to 104 gallons per year wasted.  It adds up quickly doesn’t it? Time to fix those leaky faucets!


There is a lot you can do to conserve water. It all comes down to realizing the importance of it, and then breaking some bad habits.

Small things make a big difference. We all need water to live and it is a limited resource.

Be grateful that having water isn’t a worry for you like it is for some people on this planet, and do your part to help conserve it.

The Earth thanks you!