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Santa Ana has always been a core part of our junk removal service and we would love to help you with your cleanup!

With years of experience doing cleanups large and small EarthWise Hauling has the experience to get the job done right! Our guys will show up and take care of it all. We’ll remove junk from anywhere on your property. No need for you to lift a finger, we do all of the heavy lifting for you. We’re here to make the junk removal and cleanup process 100 percent worry free. Our junk removal professionals will show up on time and get the job done promptly. When we’re finished we’ll donate or recycle everything we can. Give us a call today!

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Santa Ana Background

Nestled in California, USA, Santa Ana was established in 1886. The location has developed to a populace of 334,909. Over the years there has been significant expenditure in parks, gardens, and also education. Santa Ana is a terrific spot to settle down! Santa Ana features incredible style, an incredible retail centre and delightful parks which certainly are splendid.

Culinary Delights

Santa Ana offers a tremendous variety of restaurants. Ranging from hearty bar options to greasy spoon to Mexican options to Vietnamese delights, Santa Ana boasts all this. If you appreciate upscale experience then there truly are plentiful choices. With numerous elegant destinations you may opt for, certainly the most truly discerning patron will truly be satisfied.

Nightlife Entertainment

In case you should be searching for undeniably exceptional leisure activities after supper, Santa Ana boasts lots of fun functions. Your group might consider Santa Ana’s discos, experience the racetrack and also stop by our dynamic nightclubs or bars, or possibly experience a movie in the movie theater.


Owing to the vibrant town center and several exciting malls here in Santa Ana, you cannot wind up sorry if perhaps going shopping will be in your busy to do checklist. Throughout the festive season, Santa Ana’s shopping district will be beautified straight into a lovely Traditional wonderland guaranteed to envelop you all with delight.


Santa Ana is an excellent spot to settle with a person’s family. With varied leisure areas, kids pools and girl guides there is always loads of summer break enjoyment. Santa Ana additionally features numerous indoor pools for you to just keep your cherished young children happy and hopefully amused during winter months.


Children’s education is really a primary focus in Santa Ana. Santa Ana’s degree of academics is regarded as excellent! With a couple brand new schools potentially booked here creation, education great quality will certainly just develop progressively.


Santa Ana possess a dynamic core business section. With a sound economic conditions Santa Ana is the perfect location to present start off your organization. Thanks to terrific financing solutions and various local government benefits Santa Ana has become a attractive spot just to conduct commerce.

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